Pranayums Oatmeal Chia Pudding

3 Tbsp chia seeds
3 Tbsp oats
1 1/2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 tsp raw honey
2 Pranayums pouches
Chocolate chips (optional)

Combine all ingredients except chocolate chips in a mason jar. Stir very well until fully combined. Secure lid and then give it one more good shake. Let sit in refrigerator overnight. Top with chocolate chips, if using, the next morning. Enjoy your pudding cold or warm!

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Chosen Foods Avocado Oil

I LOVE avocado oil! And specifically, Chosen Foods avocado oil! So much so, that I'm honored to serve as a Chosen Foods Ambassador Why?! Well, let me tell you...

Why I love avocado oil...

Before I launched Milk & Honey Nutrition, I was the Employee Wellness Dietitian at MD Anderson Cancer Center, the nation's number one cancer hospital. Because of this, I am very passionate about helping people eat to reduce their cancer risk.

Every oil, and fat for that matter, that we cook with has a certain temperature called a smoke point. Each oil's smoke point is different. Once an oil is heated enough and reaches its smoke point, it does just that... it starts to smoke. And turns rancid. And what you can't see, is that free radicals (those undesirable things we all know to be associated with increased cancer risk) start to form. So naturally, we'd want to cook with an oil that has a really high smoke point, right?! So we can cook and not have to worry about free radicals forming or our oil going bad. And that's where avocado oil comes in. It has a smoke point of almost 500 degrees! That means you can bake, sauté, pan fry, etc. almost anything, and not have to worry about hitting it's smoke point. It also has relatively little flavor meaning it's perfect to bake and cook with. 

Why I love Chosen Foods...

Chosen Foods is a company committed to providing people with REAL quality food, and they emphasize the power food can have to heal and restore our bodies. (They also offer a whole host of products in addition to their avocado oil.) They are known for their industry-leading quality control practices, which insure that the oil you take home with you is what it says it is, and meets the highest quality and nutrition standards possible.

Where I buy Chosen Foods Avocado Oil...

If you follow my Instagram account, you know I have a huge obsession with all things Costco. And that is exactly where I originally discovered Chosen Foods and where I still always buy my avocado oil. For other Chosen Foods products I love, like the avocado oil spray and their avocado oil mayo, I shop my local H-E-B or Whole Foods. Be sure to check with your local grocer, or shop directly from the Chosen Foods website (use code 'milknhoney20' for 20% off your purchase)!