Freezer Snacks Feedback

Thank you!

I'm so thankful to each of you for agreeing to give me your honest opinion about this first draft of Freezer Snacks. Below is a form with some questions I've drafted as a result of feedback on instagram last night, and just some things I'm curious to get your thoughts on. Each of you represents someone who could potentially buy this ebook, so I want you to be as honest as possible! 

You can view/download the current draft here.

A couple things to keep in mind...

  1. This is a "bare bones" draft. I'm expecting you to have things you think could improve it or things you would like to see added. 
  2. Please don't be afraid to be honest :-)

After reading through it, I'd love to know...

How much would you pay for the ebook as it currently exists? *
What additional features/information do you think should be added? *