How to host a family friendly Cinco de Mayo party with no added sugar

How to host a family friendly Cinco de Mayo Party with no added sugar

Keep reading to find my tips for everything you need to host a family friendly Cinco de Mayo party (and for celebrating National OJ Day on May 4th!), including Florida Orange Juice no added sugar recipes, and both mocktails and cocktails for your friends and family to enjoy!

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What to eat before and after a workout

What to eat before and after a workout

There’s a lot of misinformation about nutrition out there, so when it comes to fitness nutrition, it’s important to understand why I give certain recommendations. Here I’ll briefly cover how we fuel activity, why everyone’s needs for exercise vary, and main goals of food intake before and after. Then, I’ll provide actual suggestions for what to eat!

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19 quick and easy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth

19 quick and easy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth

…I’m thinking of a real life “I want to eat something sweet” type of scenario. You just want something quick and easy that will bring a smile to your face. There’s many ways to do this that taste amazing, AND don’t involve diet products or convincing yourself that ignoring it will make it go away… o, and that you can have ready in under 10 minutes…

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Teaching thankfulness at Valentine's Day with gratitude jars

Teaching thankfulness at Valentine's Day with gratitude jars

Growing up, I always looked forward to Valentine’s Day because it meant that my mom would give us treats and a pair of goofy heart socks. For us, it was never about the date night, but rather simply one more opportunity to express how much our family means to each other, but in fancy footwear. 

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Free Valentine's Day Cards for your Favorite Foodie

Free Valentine's Day Cards for your Favorite Foodie

Tis the season for all thing red, pink, love, and candy! But it doesn’t have to be… bring a smile to everyone’s face with these free Valentine's Day cards for your favorite foodie. They’re great for teachers, co-workers, friends, and kids alike!

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Eat intentionally: 11 food choices to make in 2019 that won't set you up for failure

Eat intentionally: 11 food choices to make in 2019 that won't set you up for failure

Rather than setting unrealistic weight loss goals, or proclaiming you’re going to never eat sugar again, let’s try setting ourselves up for success and vowing to eat intentionally in 2019. No crazy goals, diets, or fads, just realistic plans and perspectives on food.

Still not quite sure what I mean? Keep reading for 11 food choices to make in 2019 that won’t set you up for failure like a traditional New Years resolution would…

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How to Stay Awake Without Coffee

How to Stay Awake Without Coffee

Let’s face it – life is exhausting. Juggling work, school, spouses, partners, kids, friends, and making time for yourself can leave even the most motivated of us in need of a hefty slumber. So, how can we stay energized when our lives are so demanding? Often, we reach for our beloved super hero, coffee, to make it through the day. It really can feel like a savior sometimes! And don’t get me wrong, I love coffee just as much as the rest of the world, but sometimes you just need more options! So how can you stay awake without coffee? Keep reading to learn how to stay awake without coffee…

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DIY Holiday gifts in a jar: Protein balls and energy bites

DIY Holiday gifts in a jar: Protein balls and energy bites

You've probably already heard that no-bake protein balls & energy bites are the cool new "cookies" that Santa's Elves are rolling. So when it comes to DIY gifting, if you're like me and love the idea, but sometimes miss the mark a tad (think: pinterest fail, lol), these DIY Christmas Jars are a simple and foolproof way to avoid the land of misfit gifts. Plus, they're delicious & healthy, so whether it's a hostess gift or a teacher gift, or any other type of gift for that matter, these DIY mason jars are perfect! 

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Cold pumpkin recipes for warmer weather

Cold Pumpkin Recipes For Warmer Weather

It's the middle of September, the kids are back in school, and while fall is supposed to be just around the corner, if you live in the South like I do, you won't be seeing those fall-like temperatures anytime soon. So, if you're also like me and want to enjoy all thing pumpkin this time of year, keep reading for tons of cold pumpkin recipes for warmer weather.

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5 After School Snacks that Won't Ruin Dinner

5 After School Snack Ideas that Won’t Ruin Dinner

It’s the middle of August, and kids have already started heading back to school in certain parts of the country. (My oldest started yesterday!) The first day of school can bring a flood of emotions and potentially stress, but it also brings a return to some semblance of “normalcy” for a lot of families… though, I don’t think anything’s ever quite “normal” when it comes to life with kids, but anyways…

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10 Low Sugar Lunchbox Staples

Ready or not, school is just around the corner! Hard to believe right?! Do you know what you’re going to pack for your kids for lunch on that first day? Ya, I don’t either, it’s ok. But, one thing I do know is that loading my kids up with sugar at lunchtime is a sure fire way to make sure they’re exhausted and unable to focus in the afternoon. So, here are my Top 10 Low Sugar Lunchbox Staples:

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The terrifying experience that taught me how a medical ID saves lives

The terrifying experience that taught me how a medical ID saves lives

Have you ever really thought about it? Did you know a medical ID saves lives? What would you do if you found yourself in an emergency situation and couldn't communicate with anyone? Or what about your kids? Is there anything about your health (or theirs) that emergency and medical personnel would need to know to keep you alive and healthy? 

Did you know that over 95% of medical personnel look for some form of medical ID in an emergency situation? That's because they know anyone they encounter could have a chronic health condition or life threatening allergies, or be on medications they would need to know about. They look because they know a medical ID saves lives. 

So, who exactly should wear a medical ID? Anyone with:

  • one or more ongoing (chronic) health conditions

  • food allergies

  • drug allergies

  • taking multiple medications

Take me for example... I'm a type 1 diabetic and I'm allergic to penicillin. Given that my life depends on 24 hour access to insulin via my insulin pump, and if anyone gave me the most commonly administered antibiotic, I could go into anaphylactic shock... it probably is a good idea for me to wear a medical ID. What if I couldn't communicate that to anyone? What if I was unconscious and none of my loved ones were around to convey that information?

I wear a medical ID everyday just in case, but that wasn't always the case. As a child, I always wore one because my mom made me. But as I grew into young adulthood, I got lazy about wearing one. And by the time I was pregnant with my first daughter, I hadn't worn one in years. I took for granted the fact that I had an insulin pump attached to me and figured anyone could just see that and would know I was diabetic. 

Well, one afternoon when I was about 15 weeks into my pregnancy, I decided to go for a run, just like I did several times each week. We lived on a street that made a 1.5 mile loop. I usually did 2-3 laps depending on how I felt. I also used to always take my insulin pump off while I exercised (especially while running) because I didn't like the way it felt bouncing up and down. So, off I went. I felt tired, but hey... I was pregnant, wasn't that part of the territory?

About halfway through, I noticed my blood sugar felt like it was starting to drop, so I ate the box of raisins I always kept on me while running (just in case), and kept going... but it didn't seem to be getting better. The raisins definitely weren't enough, and before I knew it, I was at the furthest point from my house, sitting on the ground... barely able to sit up, much less get up and walk home. 

In my confused and desperate state, I started to panic. I didn't have my insulin pump on. I didn't have my phone (I was in my own neighborhood, it was daylight, and I was less than a mile from home)... nothing on me to indicate I was diabetic. (In reality, my insulin pump port was still on obviously, but I wasn't thinking clearly, remember?) And I didn't have a medical ID on. 

I sat there for a good 15 minutes and just focused on staying awake. Oddly enough, no one drove by in that time. Slowly, but surely, I felt my blood sugar start to come up. An then, I got up and walked home. No dramatic rescue, no scary trip to the ER or hospital... but goodness it could have been so much worse.

That experience was life changing!

When my husband got home later that evening and I told him what had happened, let's just say he was thankful I was ok, but also just a wee bit upset that I was so careless. And quite honestly, I had been. As a result of that one experience, I've changed a few things I do every single day:

  • Never take my pump off, just suspend it

  • Always just stop if I feel my blood sugar dropping

  • Always have a medical ID on

I now have two different medical ID's I wear on any given day. This one for "fancier" outfits, and this one for everyday casual wear. These are both from American Medical ID. They have so many different styles and options that are the perfect blend: conspicuous to the common person, but able to stand out enough to medical personnel. They've even helped me set up a discount code for you all if you'd like to order your own ID or one for a loved one. 

Not sure how to have your bracelet engraved? Don't worry, they've got some awesome resources on their website to help, and you can always ask your doctor what he/she thinks you should have on your Medical ID. And they can have your ID engraved and in the mail as quickly as 24 hours after you order it most of the time!

Whether you decide to get one from American Medical ID, or another company, if this article taught you how a medical ID saves lives, and pushes you to finally start wearing a medical ID, or to get one for your child, then I'll be very happy!


Note: The links above are affiliate links. Meaning I will earn a commission if you deicde to purchase a Medical ID from American Medical ID. All thoughts, stories, and ideas expressed above are completely true and come from my heart. This is a cause and issue I have very strong feelings about and hope you feel motivated to take action for you or a loved one. 


9 simple steps to achieving a clutter free pantry

9 simple steps to achieving a clutter free pantry

A couple months ago, I shared over on Instagram how Rachel Dickerson from A Beautiful Mess 101 helped me declutter my pantry. Since then, I have gotten so many questions and comments about achieveing a clutter free pantry. So I asked Rachel if she would share her wisdom with you guys...

I am totally a visual person. Clutter just stresses me out. I tend to do a pretty good job of staying organized in the rest of my house (though don't look to closely... I said I stay organized, I didn't say it was a clean organized!), but for some reason, I just can't seem to keep my kitchen organized... likely because that's the room I spend most of my time in. 

With Rachel's help, we purged my pantry (and the entire kitchen) of non-essentials, moved items that shouldn't have been in the kitchen in the first place to an upstairs closet... and what impressed me the most, was how much more efficient my kitchen is now! I had no idea I could store this much stuff, and still have extra cabinets sitting empty! 

Click below to download the FREE guide Rachel created just for you guys... and make sure to check out her website for help with all the other rooms in your house!

21 hilarious times kids embarrassed their parents

21 times kids embarrassed their parents

21 hilarious times kids embarrassed their parents

We've all been there, whether it's us, or our friends, we've witnessed or gotten a good laugh after kids embarrassed their parents.

This post all came about one night after a partiularly ridiculous afternoon/evening with my 3 and 4 year old daughters. They were fighting, back talking, disobeying, and all around acting like little tyrants. So, naturally we got them to bed (hallelujah!) and I set off to the inter-webs to find some funny stories to cheer me up... I posed this question:

"What's the most embarrassing and/or inappropriate thing your kid has ever said in public?"

I asked my followers on Instagram, my personal friends over on Facebook, and the mamas in our Turnips & Tantrums facebook group. And man, o man, did they deliver! I received over 100 stories and quotes that left my husband and I in tears, and wondering how our abs could be that sore from just laughing??

Not all of the stories I received made it into this post... because that would be the longest post ever! So, if that's you, and you submitted a story and you don't see it here, please know it's just because someone else's kid was slightly more inappropriate than your own... I really appreciate everyone taking the time to send in their stories, and hope you get a good laugh out of the ones you see below.

A few things to know:

  • The only editing I've done to these is deleting kids' names and fixing some typos. Other than that, these are just as their mamas told them.
  • Please keep in mind the title of this post... some of these are rather... well... inappropriate. But remember, they came out of small children's mouths, so that makes it more funny than inappropriate... right?!
  • Topics covered: bathroom habits, parents drinking habits, private parts (theirs and their parents'), strangers' body size, pregnancy status of older men with bellies... and more!

So, here you have it...

The other day we were walking through target and we passed a woman with very, very large boobs, wearing a tube top, and let’s just say she wasn’t completely covered… And my three-year-old yells at the top of her lungs... “Mommy, she’s naked!” 

I was in Target the other day with _____. He loudly proclaimed as we passed the bra section “mommy you have those” over and over felt as if he got louder every time he said it.

When my oldest was 4, I took him with me to the drugstore to get medicine for him. Of course what I needed was in the back of the store, and he greeted every single person in the store with a VERY loud and chipper-sounding, "HI! I have DIARRHEA!" Everyone in the store was laughing, but staying far away from us.

When ______ was about 5 we were in the store and he was making up a song... which you know rhyming is really cool at that age... sounded like this as he belted it out...”I have protection. I have protection from your infection”

When ________ started potty training (at 18 months by his own initiation) my husband had a potty chant to encourage the process. Sometime at the age of 2, at Costco one day, he announced to everyone that he "needed to drop a nugget" his code word for ya know... #2. When we got into the restroom and he's taking care of business he declared that he needed the "drop a nugget song". I whispered it and he said, "No louder Mommy, it's gunna be a big one." So with almost every stall filled and women washing their hands in said restroom I sang the chant. "Push it out, Shove it out, way out out! HUH!!" (On repeat)

Amazingly no one laughed, but it got really quiet. Thankfully when we were done no one made eye contact with me. I didn't really love my husband's contribution to the potty process that day.

My 3 year old calls La Croix “beer”, which on multiple occasions has caused confusion when he talks about how daddy likes to drink it at breakfast.

My 4 year old son told his teacher that his daddy is a chemist and works in the basement. When I picked him up I had to explain that he works at a pharmaceutical company as a chemist and does wood working in the basement. Nothing shady going on in our basement!

Took my kids to Total Wine (gotta do what you gotta do sometimes, we do not have a babysitter or family that lives close) and my son walked up to the kegs at the front while we were checking out and said “Mommy, you would love this giant keg of wine!” Cashier laughed and guy behind me tried to make me feel better by telling me a story about his daughter bringing him a beer once... I don’t even know where he heard the word “Keg”

When going to our 20 week ob appt for baby #3 we were walking down the hallway with the nurse and she was having small talk with my 3 year old who then says "my moms having a new baby" and the nurse replies with "oh yea that's exciting"... (you know I'm clearly showing and there for an ob appointment so she knew lol) well then my daughter goes on to say not so quietly "it's a baby sister cuz she she doesn't have a peanuts" ... the nurse says "oh" and looked at me as if to ask did she just say what I think she said and yep she did say that....she went on to say it again when we saw the actual dr along with his medical student that was shadowing him.

I used to work in daycare and kids would say the funniest things all the time (to the embarrassment of their parents). A 5 year old came up to me out of nowhere one day and very seriously told me that you NEVER open the drawer by mommy’s bed. I can only imagine what she found in there.

Mine talks very loudly every time we are in a public bathroom about the color of my urine (no matter what it looks like) and how she "loves" the color and how beautiful it is... She then proceeds to give descriptive comments about my anatomy... for all to hear.

My son doesn’t say the “L” in the word “clock” so whenever we go to the downtown very busy Starbucks plaza to see Daddy for lunch he yells, “mama, look! big...” well you know ha. 

In dressing room with both kids (I KNOW DUMB RIGHT?!?!) Twin boys are about 3, I'm trying on a dress and they ask, "mom what are those (pointing to my chest)?" dressing room was full with a waiting line side note..".mom what are breasts for? Mom where is your penis? Why don't you have one?" All said in loud, outside voice as I try to quiet them...when I exit, every woman was smiling ear to ear.

Just last night as I was letting someone (a younger man) into the house for a meeting with my husband, my daughter shouted, “You know what? The bathroom smelled like a doo doo upstairs. I think it was a Mommy doo doo!”

My little one said (loudly) in Target as we walked by the bra and panty section...”look mom! It’s your boobies!” 

My 4 year old asked the internet guy when his baby was going to come out. He literally had the most perfect shaped pregnancy belly but definitely not pregnant. When he said he was just fat - she asked why he was so fat. 

My son is brutally honest and always feels the need to share his observations. One weekend a group of my friends came over and then we planned to head to the pool. One of my dear friends is a beautiful plus size lady. My son surveys the room and proceeds to tell her that she will definitely make the biggest splash at the pool. I cold have died. 

My mom had a hysterectomy when I was 4 and I felt the need to announce it to everyone... including the 16 year old checkout boy at the grocery store. “Hey! My mommy had her uterus tooken out!” My mom kindly told me that some things are not meant to be shared... and that it’s “taken” not “tooken.”

I was potty training my oldest. Of course we had to go to the Kmart bathroom. She did her thing and then I had to. As I was finishing up she says in her sweetest (loudest) voice, “Way to go Mama! You tee tee’d in the potty! Good job!” 

About 6 months ago we were getting in the car at HEB.  There was a truck in the spot next to the empty space next to me and they were looking at me funny while I was unloading the last groceries and getting my other son buckled. So I kind of look where they're looking and my oldest is just peeing in the parking lot in the empty space right after we came out of the store where he could have used the restroom... and not even like trying to hide it... just out in the open. And then 2 weeks ago my younger son peed on the sidewalk in front of the neighbor's house ... instead of walking home. We have now instituted a pretty strict "no peeing outside of our backyard in public" rule that I never thought I'd have to make.

Right after we potty trained _____ we went on a road trip, which like any good Texas road trip included a stop at Bucees. My husband took our son with him to the bathroom stall and he yelled really loud “WOW DADDY! YOUR PENIS IS SO BIG! MINE IS SMALL!”