"Our experience with Milk & Honey Nutrition has literally changed our lives.  As a busy professional, I never had time to cook, which resulted in a lot of drive through and frozen dinners for my husband, myself, and our daughter.  After working with Mary Ellen for just a few weeks, we have transformed our eating.  Mary Ellen's time-saving tips allow me to cook most of our meals myself.  My husband and picky six-year old now eat green vegetables with almost every meal.  And my own health has improved drastically over six weeks; my good cholesterol is up and my bad cholesterol and triglycerides are down—lower than they have been on any so-called "diet plan."  Mary Ellen's way of integrating healthy eating into the lifestyle of a family is unmatched."

-Heather L., busy professional, wife, and mom

For years, I struggled with stomach issues, lethargy and unexpected acne. Mary Ellen observed my symptoms and suggested that I might have a gluten allergy or intolerance. I had no idea what gluten was but she explained it to me thoroughly. After trying a gluten free diet, all my symptoms vanished!  Now after five plus years of eating this way, I feel better and look way better too! And, I have Mary Ellen to thank!

- Kimberly H., working professional

I'm thrilled with the service and personal attention I received from Milk & Honey Nutrition. The recipes are delicious and realistic for a busy schedule, and the meal plans are fool proof. Mary Ellen took into consideration all of my personal health needs and dietary needs when constructing the meal plan; I felt confident everything was made just for me to help me reach my goals.

- Hillary D., busy working professional

We are in grad school and on one income, and my husband is also training for triathlons. He needed to consume tons of healthy calories for fuel, but it was getting expensive! Mary Ellen helped us learn the best food choices, without breaking the bank.

- Shay and Adam P., couple on a budget

I needed to gain weight, in a healthy way, in order to get pregnant and increase my chances of carrying a baby to term after having had a miscarriage. Mary Ellen evaluated my current diet, and helped me develop a new meal plan . Within three months, I was at a healthy weight, felt better, and had a lot more confidence about the way I was eating. I was pregnant with my son a few months later and was able to carry him to term with her continued nutrition guidance.  

- Lindsey N., young mom


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