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Can we call them sugar demons? That’s biblical right??

Food is a blessing. It’s a gift. Aren’t you glad we have so many different foods to choose from and aren’t subject to eating bland manna the rest of our lives?! Every culture in the world celebrates with food, it’s what brings us together. And even God himself saw it fit to reward the Israelites after years in the desert with a land flowing with milk and honey (connecting the dots now?? ) So why do we stress about food so much? Why do we let it cause so much angst and negative emotions? What if you knew how to control those cravings, when to give in, and when to educate yourself. What if you had no shame or guilt around food and knew how to conquer those sugar demons??

If this sounds good to you, you HAVE to download this free resource available only for Bible Binge listeners. Let me help you conquer those sugar demons and enjoy the God-given blessing of food!

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